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February 4, 2010

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Llewellyn – Celtic Legend

November 15, 2009

This offering from elusive Celtic new age artist Enaid seems to be the work of David and Diane Arkenstone, the prolific contemporary instrumental duo. Their fingerprints are all over Avalon: A Celtic Legend: lush soundscapes, enjoyable melodies, and a certain cinematic sweep, but as is the case with many of their releases there is little to actually hold the listener’s attention. That being said, the album is a perfectly fine collection of wispy, vaguely Celtic new age tunes, ideal for background music on a cold and rainy fall day.

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Buraka Som Sistema – Black Diamond [2OO9]

August 8, 2009

It’s been impossible to escape the name Buraka Som Sistema in the last couple of years. The Portuguese/Angolan crew first came into public awareness in 2006 with an inclusion on an Institubes mix CD, which promptly caught the attention of any bloggers who hadn’t already heard of the crew’s blend of Hi-NRG electro, house and Afro rhythms better known as Kuduro in their native Portugal and Angola respectively. The band have since become the default African party band of choice for trendy youths and music heads looking for the newest thing outta Africa, and their close links with Diplo and the Hot Chip related Greco Roman label solidified their approval rating, earning them support across the board. Now signed to London clubbing powerhouse Fabric‘s in-house label they deliver their debut album loaded with party hot killers and club ready goods designed for play for a peaktime rumpus anywhere. ‘Kalemba Wegue Wegue’ was recently released through Greco-Roman records and is included here, a surefire and definitive BSS anthem is there ever was one, while ‘Sound Of Kuduro’ feat DJ Znobia, Puto Prata, and Saborosa alongside M.I.A easily deserves to be a massive hit with it’s excitement synthlines and standardly damn effective dancing rhythms. For the diggers there’s their first ever release ‘Yah!’ which set off the whole thing in the first place, and a hookup with UK grime prettyboy Kano on ‘Skank & Move’ with a syck syncopated groove with deadly 808s making the compatibility with Bassline or Funky blatantly obvious. The best is certainly saved til last though, with ‘New Africas pt.1&2’ painting the scene with a spoken intro before humping up with a shockingly deadly percussive rush weaved with rave signals and mean electro synths to leave you drenched in sweat and grunting for more. Purely effective dancing gear for fans of Mujava, Diplo, Geeneus, Hot Chip, Skepta and raving with style.

Track Listing:
1. Luanda/Lisboa (feat. Dj Znobia) – 4:22
2. Sound of Kuduro (feat M.I.A., Dj Znobia, Saborosa, Puto Prata) – 3:33
3. Aqui para Voces (feat. Deize Tigrona) – 4:12
4. Kalemba (Wegue Wegue) (feat. Pongo Love) – 3:53
5. Kurum – 5:44
6. IC19 – 4:20
7. Tiroza (feat. Bruno M) – 4:49
8. General – 4:04
9. Yah! (feat. Petty) – 3:33
10. Skank & Move (feat. Kano) – 3:57
11. D… d… d… d… jay (feat. Petty) – 3:46
12. New Africas pt. 1 – 1:52
13. New Africas pt. 2 – 4:22

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Nicola Mingo – Talking Jazz

August 5, 2009


Track Listing:
1. Mr.P.C.
2. Four In Six
3. Ezz – Thetic
4. Passion
5. Airegin
6. Blues For Grant Green
7. Cherokee
8. Contemporary Song
9. Tenor Madness
10. One For M.Petrucciani
11. Billie’s Bounce

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The Reader – DVDRip – Greek Subs

August 4, 2009

THE READER opens in post-WWII Germany when teenager Michael Berg becomes ill and is helped home by Hanna, a stranger twice his age. Michael recovers from scarlet fever and seeks out Hanna to thank her. The two are quickly drawn into a passionate but secretive affair. Michael discovers that Hanna loves being read to and their physical relationship deepens

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Gossip – Music For Men

July 27, 2009

What’s that joke about gay couples wanting to get married? They deserve the chance to be as unhappy as straight people. On the Gossip’s major-label debut — 12 Rick Rubin–produced tracks spanning minimalist disco, post-punk, and garage — the trio extends the gay-positive message of 2006’s “Standing in the Way of Control,” the single that broke them in Europe seven years after the band started. Yet frontwoman Beth Ditto remains caught somewhere between Donna Summer and Dolly Parton: she loves to love, but all those complications keep her down.
Ditto is obsessed with the word itself: “love” appears in three song titles, not including the dark, pulsing “Four-Letter Word” (which is about you know what). Rarely, as on centerpiece “Men in Love”, does she actually celebrate it. She breaks up that track’s kicker (“Men in love…with each other…hey!”) with expectant pauses, as her phrasing mimics the song’s jerky rhythm. On “For Keeps”, Ditto sets up an us-versus-the-world argument, but the condition of the settlement is the persistently unfulfillable “need to be free.” Ditto’s huge voice can’t do soft, so it shoots skyward on “Love Long Distance”, and coupled with a mechanical piano and canned beat, the band starts to sound a bit catatonic. But the rest of Music for Men is a tightly wound disco-punk conjugation. In the end, that’s the only love affair the band happily consummates.

Track Listing:
1. Dimestore Diamond – 3:15
2. Heavy Cross – 4:02
3. 8th Wonder – 3:16
4. Love Long Distance – 4:24
5. Pop Goes The World – 3:25
6. Vertical Rhythm – 3:48
7. Men In Love – 3:40
8. For Keeps – 4:06
9. 2012 – 3:49
10. Love And Let Love – 3:31
11. Four Letter Word – 3:48
12. Spare Me From The Mold – 2:27

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Fever Ray – Fever Ray

July 27, 2009

Fever Ray

The self titled debut solo record from The Knife’s Karin Dreijer Andersson is surely the years most anticipated album so far. We certainly couldn’t argue with the legion of support marching in formation behind this gorgeously gothic pop masterpiece, from The OMM to The Wire and countless message boards across the web this is an album which has solidified the success of The Knife, but also added a level of cosmic dread that transcends the pop sensibility at the heart of the material. The album manages to snag on the intangible emotional thread running from Faith-era Cure through to early Human league, or the Cocteau Twins best on ‘Seven’ to Boards Of Canada’s most emotive moments on the stunning ‘Dry And Dusty’ or Aphex’s paradoxically knowing melodic naivety on ‘When I Grow Up’. The darkly sparse spirit and pop character of Fever Ray is typically Scandinavian, like a rich red claret to Alphabeat’s fizzing bellabrusco with lead single and instant winner ‘If I Had A Heart’, or a sleeker and less eccentric Bjork jamming with Ryuichi Sakamoto on ‘Triangle Walk’ or a Swedish Kate Bush on the elegiac ‘Keep the Streets Empty For Me’. Somtimes the most simple and well applied effects work the best and Karin’s use of deathly pitched vocals throughout the set is just one of its defining touches, lending a transcendent depth to the technopop skip that lovers of classic Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk or Chris and Cosey will find good reason to fall deeply in love with. Utterly amazing. Album of the year anyone?

Track Listing:
1. If I Had A Heart – 3:50
2. When I Grow Up – 4:31
3. Dry And Dusty – 3:45
4. Seven – 5:10
5. Triangle Walks – 4:23
6. Concrete Walls – 5:40
7. Now’s The Only Time I Know – 3:59
8. I’m Not Done – 4:20
9. Keep The Streets Empty For Me – 5:40
10. Coconut – 6:50

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La Roux – La Roux (2009)

July 2, 2009

La Roux - La Roux

La Roux is an English synth pop duel featuring synth player and lead vocal Elly Jackson and her partner in production – Ben Langmaid. They make 80s dance synth pop music in the veins of Annie Lennox mixed with the Human League mixed with the Pet Shop Boys. You might have heard of this band if you listen to Kitsuné Compilations every year and found a dance gem called “Quicksand” on one of them.. I don’t know. Also, another single “In For the Kill” was a massive hit in the UK or something. No one pays attention to UK charts except Josh anyways, I’m sure he can tell you the story of it.
The self title debut came out last week or two weeks ago and it is quite good. Forget the gimmicky haircut and fashionista branding of Elly Jackson, that is only good for the visual MTV generation, I like catchy music and this album is exactly that. I will admit, Elly Jackson has a very unique but perhaps very polarizing voice. It’s quite a high falsetto, but not like Mariah Carey high, I don’t know how to explain it. I can see how some people would be put off by it. This album is pure eighties pop – the dance numbers are heavy on synth and have light and immediately catchy choruses while the slower ballad hold a modest pace, have a croon vibe to them and make you think of slow motion high school kids running towards each other in the rain.
I think a good litmus test of how 80s a song is these days is if you listen to it, can you see it for a soundtrack for a classic 80s movie? If so, then bam, you got an 80s song.
Standout tracks that will be filling some dance floors include the singles “In For the Kill”, “Quicksand” and “Bulletproof”. The latter sees Elly Jackson use what is probably her normal voice or something. I actually think the ballad songs – “Cover My Eyes” and “Armour Love” are the strongest tracks on the album, which says something about the album from an artist who is known for upbeat dance music.
Don’t let the 80s references bother you, this album is pop supreme and a great summer soundtrack.

Track Listing:
1. In For The Kill – 4:08
2. Tigerlily – 3:24
3. Quicksand – 3:05
4. Bulletproof – 3:25
5. Colourless Colour – 3:28
6. I’m Not Your Toy – 3:18
7. Cover My Eyes – 4:32
8. As If By Magic – 3:51
9. Fascination – 3:41
10. Reflections Are Protections – 4:19
11. Armour Love – 3:53
12. Growing Pains – 3:27
13. Saviour – 4:21

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Lost – Season 5 – Episode 15 “Follow The Leader” – Greek Subs

May 7, 2009

Lost Season 5 - The greek DataBase

Lost Season 5 - The Greek DataBase

Episode 15
Greek Subtitles


Lost – Season 5 – Episode 14 “The Variable” – Greek Subs

May 2, 2009

Lost Season 5 - The greek DataBase

Lost Season 5 - The Greek DataBase

Episode 14
Greek Subtitles